Internet + Astronaut = Internaut

I just came across the term “Internaut” and thought it so encapsulates the pioneers of online information technology and exploration that it should be a more standardly used buzz word (in fact I’m mandating it’s use from now on). The suffix naut originates from the Greek language. It is a derivation of the Greek term nautes which […]

What I did Before the Internet – A Story to My Son

“Daddy?” Big 8-year old brown eyes accompany an innocent question, “What did you do before the Internet?” How do you answer such a straight forward question? Personally I lived, breathed, worked and generally did most of what I do now, with one big difference… far more of my day 15 years ago was spent in […]

Where’s the Content?

In planning any web presence, a lot of focus goes on design, technology and usability (we hope!) In pulling together a proposal for a prospective client this week the only thing that appeared to be missing from their plan was the actual content for the site!! In many projects I’ve been asked to take over, often, a […]

Quickie Tip #6 – The answer is 42

For those fans of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the answer to the “ultimate question of life, the universe and everything” is finally revealed as being 42, which begins the much more time-consuming task of finding the question! Recently, many businesses I’ve consulted with appear to face the same predicament. They have arrived at […]

One-ply Customer Service

I am the most important person in the world! At least I should be to any business where I spend a buck. I am a customer and I should be treated as if their business depends upon my satisfaction because ultimately, it does! So here I am in a particular <coffee franchise> today and nature […]

eProblem – or “What’s Your Problem and Why Should I Care?”

A few years ago, I presented a series of workshops that hoped to educate and entertain called “What’s your problem?” The ultimate goal was to get business owners to look at their business goods or services and match them up with their clients’ and prospects’ problems, and answer the question; “Why the hell would I […]

Reinvent the Wheel

Heard of the phrase / advice / direction “Don’t reinvent the wheel”? I agree most of the time, especially when it concerns time and cost (and money you – or the clients – don’t have). But what’s wrong with thinking out of the box and reinventing a wheel every now and then? Nothing. It’s called […]

Building the Perfect Community

I’d like to apologize in advance for the deception in the title. Even though Plymouth, MN comes close (it just won best place to live in America)  there is no ‘perfect’ community either on or offline. But there are certain similarities in *almost* perfect communities that contribute to their success that we can look at as components to include […]

Quickie Tip #5 – The Devil’s in the Details

It doesn’t matter how simple a project appears to be, it’s always the small things that can potentially end up disrupting the flow and impacting the final timeline, deliverables and success. Before I start on *any* project, whether it’s a six-figure branding event or a digital marketing campaign for a local organization, I grab a […]

The Six C’s of eCommerce Clarity

First, apologies to diamond lovers everywhere. A recent engagement as VP of Global eCommerce at a company with ‘diamond’ in it’s name had me looking for an easy way to describe the roles and goals of the department whilst tying into the name and brand of the company. For those in the know, the traditional […]