Quickie Tip #3 – Anyone under the age of 21 is not “experienced”

Every day we compete with kids. No I’m not talking about AYSO or school events, and I’m definitely not talking about those brainiacs that compete in the national spelling bee. I’m talking about the *competition* in mine (and maybe your) marketplace.

As a marketing strategist with 20+ years of experience, I shouldn’t be competing with kids right out of school, but often a client will receive a competitive bid from “my friend’s son, who is really handy with a computer”. For those snickering, this has happened more than once, from companies who’s revenues exceed the high 6 figures. I’ve met some of these kids and most of them try to grow a goatee to look 20-something.

So what’s the point? The point is that some of these individuals (your friend’s son included) may be talented (some are). But it takes far more than raw talent to create, produce and drive an offline or online marketing strategy that gets results (and has some longevity).

So before you hire todays’ youth to do a grownups job, think about the value you get from experience (or the lack of it you may pay for in the long run!) – experience is worth paying for!

And yes, I do feel old sometimes 🙂

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