Simplicity is intrinsically simple

Yep.. I’m stating the obvious, but I just got off a 2 hour conference call that had me tearing my hair out. Why? (grasshopper, are you back in town?). Because the most simple of issues were handled like the future of mankind depended on the right answer – when there was no ‘right answer’.

The whole point (pun intended) of “One Rock at a Time” is that everything is inherently simple, at least if you break it down into logical elements. A pricing model can depend on marketplace, consumer buying patterns, availability, uniqueness, brand awareness etc. Packaging may depend on the item, shelf considerations, FDA requirements etc. Each can be addressed to create a full picture of strategy and necessity. Nowhere does it mention, in any book I’ve read, that one needs to solve the big problem without solving the little problems. It would be like trying to build a house without having a supplier of bricks or wood identified.

One of the biggest mistakes I observe is macro-management of big project issues with ignorance of the foundation that supports the project itself. In a nutshell, time spent on groundwork and research pays off in the long term with better outcomes.

A “One Rock at a Time” approach can move the project mountain. Patience grasshopper.

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