People are looking. Are you hiding?

It still amazes me that some companies (large and small) don’t have a consistent and cohesive online strategy for attracting and / or informing prospects and clients.

Would you give someone a blank business card? (Might be making a point if you do!)

Often when I’m researching a company, concept or idea I discover a URL that is essentially bereft of any signs of life (Monty Python sketch springs to mind). I am stunned in this connected era that *someone* at the company involved hasn’t looked at *some kind of* website that will at a bare minimum let a visitor know a little about the company they’ve found. At bare bare minimum, put a contact number or email address. At bare bare bare minimum put your company logo there with one sentence about what you do.

It may not be the “consistent and cohesive online strategy” I alluded to, but neither is marketing effective when you give out blank business cards (though I *did* do exactly that at a meeting once to make a point!!)

For those of you “hiding” out there… get something in place for your (possible) visitors (TODAY please!)

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