Quickie Tip #8 – Google is a big slice of apple pie

Before you spend too much time, effort, energy and money (after all time *is* money) on optimizing and search engine marketing for *every* search engine out there, ask yourself a few questions.

1) Do I have the time, effort, energy and money to submit to *all* the major search engines (Ask.com,, MSN, Yahoo)?

2) Should I focus effort on one or two niche search engines or directories specific to my market?

3) Should I just focus on Google and get exposure to over 60% of the searches conducted online?

For most campaign efforts, I recommend door #3 – it’s a big, valuable piece of the pie and normally more than most people can finish in one sitting.

Understanding and optimizing for your users and for Google is a tasty proposition (and a 5 course meal in itself!) Bon apetit!

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