You say tom-ate-toe, and I say tom-art-toe

Understanding your audience means making yourself understood in language at their level of comprehension or allowing users to self-select pathways they understand.

Although you may not have to worry too much about the tom – art – toe English crowd needing assistance or translation, you should worry about the non-geek audience who may not understand your scientific or technical references.

Cater to all audiences by providing alternate content or explanation, links to external resources for clarification, or provide clarity as to whom your site or site content is tailored too, then let the audience self-select their preferred destination (or exit).

Never leave a prospect or customer feeling as if they are unimportant or feeling confused. Even if content is technical in nature, provide some simplification of the who, what, why and where so the site visitor *at least* knows whether they should be interested in sticking around (or not!).

Tom-ate-toe or tom-art-toe, *all* visitors have value whether as customers, word of mouth vehicles or eyeballs on ads.

Same goes for the ban-nar-nah crowd


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