How much does a hot chocolate at Christmas cost?

Online it doesn’t take much to meet or exceed expectations either. Offering something as a surprise or something unexpected (free upgrade on shipping? smoother checkout?) can often tip the balance, changing an online visit into an online experience.

Quickie Tip #11 – When too much is not enough

Whether it’s a blog, social media site, Twitter, school or volunteering at the local non profit, participation can, and should, be considered as the best “return on effort” for any company or individual.

SEO for Dummies – not a book, a reality. Search engines are dumb.

Search engines don’t care who you are, what you do, rather they care about how different and unique so are from the eleventy billion other voices out there.

“On yer bike!” and other things that don’t translate very well.

Writing a blog, creating content for a website, or crafting an email requires little talent. <ducking> *Anyone* can write something interesting or of interest to themselves. Writing, creating or crafting can only be considered effective if it is understood by the intended audience in the manner with which it was intended. The phrase “on yer […]

ROI on the web isn’t about financial investment

ROI (Return On Investment) is a great metric – and buzzword – for bean counters. For project managers and marketers like myself, a much better, and more fitting interpretation would be Return On Implementation.

Making the most of a captive audience – lessons of LA traffic

You would have thought the commute through Los Angeles traffic is enough to bring most drivers to their knees, but observation would show you a plethora of commuters humming, singing, attentively listening and *enjoying* LA radio stations*. This is the definition of ‘captive audience’ – a metal shell one must endure for 30-90 minutes every […]

Do you have the time to blog? Good excuses are no excuse.

Please excuse the erratic (read non-existent) blog posts this week. I started a new job that required enough attention to give me a weak excuse not to write or post. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about it 🙂 Clarity that came to me during the self-serving excuse process. Time is a scare resource Time is […]