A Bit of William Shakespeare in Search

To read or not to read, that is the question. A recent blog at The Search Agents has me quoting (or misquoting) old Will to illustrate the point that brands are winning the search game due to Google relevancy assignment and the average Internet users’ simplistic behavior. Read less about William S. and more on […]

Always turn to Winston Churchill when you’re lost for words!

I know I do… in fact, I push for every client presentation to have a relevant quote from folks smarter than myself 🙂 “If you travel the earth, you will find it is largely divided into two classes of people-people who say “I wonder why such and such is not done” and people who say […]

How strong is your SEO? Tips to measure success.

Over at The Search Agents blog, and following the thread at iMedia Connection, there’s an article I published as a 101 of SEO success measurement. Doesn’t go into extreme detail, but does give some insight into metrics I look at when ‘telling a story’ to clients. Get some SEO bench pressing in your schedule!

Are you a social wallflower or the life of the party?

Many companies are looking at social media as a marketing opportunity rather than a chance to engage consumers and customers… they may learn that the party isn’t as 1980’s as they remember.

Don’t let Twitter go down on you…

Yes, I tried to be funny with the title. Twitter went down on me but it wasn’t fun. Withdrawal. Lack of communication. And time on my hands. For those wondering… read about what I did, the day Twitter decided to dump me.

Website usability and the big red fez.

I’m a big believer in usability being key to a website’s success. A conversation with a co worker gave me the opportunity to mix “business with belief” and create a post for The Search Agents blog. For those wondering about the obtuse mention of monkeys and headgear, I recommend you read Seth Godin’s excellent book […]

My take on Bing adoption, and Google’s grasp on the marketplace

While folks at the office were calculating, researching, whiteboarding, slide ruling (I put that in there, not certain they would know what to do with one) and discussing indepth the “Bing effect”, I was Googling away without a care in the world. My thoughts on why Google will continue to be number one.

Cultivating a “Club Med Culture” in a “Brooks Bros.” World

20 years and a couple of lifetimes ago, I arrived in Cancun, Mexico with a couple of bags, boyish excitement and a bundle of energy. I was a GO, Gentile Organizateur a hotel worker in Club Med, part teacher, part drinking buddy, part host, part companion. I had no clue. I was recruited in New […]

Took my white hat off for a second, to reminisce about the old days of SEO

Took a light hearted look at SEO that once was in a post entitled “Top 10 reasons you know your plumbers’ website is optimized to rank #1 (circa 1999 black hat SEO)” – whew.. bit of a mouthful 🙂 Enjoy SEO as it used to be!

Is Bing singing in the rain? Friends’ Chandler? Or badda boom, badda bust?

I couldn’t predict a company named Amazon would become the world’s biggest bookstore either. Or that a tweet would be anything more than the sound a bird makes. And though my skills as a modern day Nostradamus may be somewhat limited, there is one thing I know;
Bing is a silly name for a product.