How safe is safe? Online banking demands confidence

I’m a Wells Fargo customer (as well as having other bank accounts) and I like their online banking because it’s obvious they put a lot of thought into the customer experience.

Usability is key to customer satisfaction, and in the case of online banking, key to customer confidence.

With all the offline ‘crap’ going on in the financial world, it’s nice when a company makes little gestures to reassure.

Wells Fargo adds this little message on login:

Wells Fargo "one moment please" messaging

Wells Fargo "one moment please" messaging

Is it *really* necessary? Of course not. A blank screen would suffice from a technology standpoint. But incremental reassurances are good practice and good customer service.

My *other* bank, who shall remain anonymous, but rhymes with a killer whale at Seaworld, throws the customer right into their account (at least they did last time I checked) – same for my credit card company.


The "thank you for coming" and "please come again", message

Wells Fargo even sends you to a sign out confirmation page when you’re done. With simple observation, you’re out… if you want back in you’re going to have to login again. And it gives you a link back to the sign on page.

Good usability. Good reassurance. Good bank.

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  1. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Hi Grant!

    You know, I bank online with Wells Fargo and have noticed this extra step they take as well. It’s important that companies do think about the details, because people will notice.

    I enjoyed this post a lot! I’m going to continue to read your stuff!



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