Google is human after all (that’s not always a good thing)

Gmail was down this morning, and the end of world is obviously near.

It’s good to finally have the “Gmasses” realize that Google is like any other company, prone to outages, failures as well as amazing success.

Interesting note on human nature.

People are protesting, tearing their hair out, and (as said in Australia) whinging over a FREE SERVICE.

Yep, you get what you pay for and if a free service doesn’t cut it, you pay for one with a little more fiscal accountability.

Hate to harp on the “you get what you pay for”, but Google can’t be taken to task for giving away something that breaks.

Google is human, after all.

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  1. Ryan Townsend
    Ryan Townsend says:

    It wasn’t just the free service, we pay for it as part of our Google Apps subscription and it was down for us too.

    Even still, I don’t think for many email is really a critical service, they might think it is – but many people just use downtime as an excuse to sit around doing nothing – personally I welcomed the productivity boost!


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