Hiring the right people

I have rarely been disappointed when I have looked for certain qualities in new hires.

  1. Passionate – Without passion no job gets done right, or well, or with enthusiasm, or right every time.
  2. Intellectual curiosity – Anyone can follow directions, but only those who are truly curious will find a better way to do almost anything.
  3. Appreciation of other cultures through travel – I seriously believe that *every* student should be given $1,000 and an airline ticket out of the US and told to “go wander” for 6 months after they graduate high school, and then come back and write about it as part of their job interview.
    It doesn’t surprise me that candidates who have experienced more than their backyard and state, have a greater awareness of the infinite possibilities life (and work) throws at them.
    Having job applicants that actually understand how the world works would probably cut down on almost every workplace concern, because these young employees would actually *get it* – that the world is far bigger than them and to survive you’ve got to seize and appreciate *every* day and opportunity.

I can dream.

Until then… if you ‘re looking for some employment at a great company, contact me… but only if you meet the 3 criteria above.


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