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Hiring the right people

I have rarely been disappointed when I have looked for certain qualities in new hires. Passionate – Without passion no job gets done right, or well, or with enthusiasm, or right every time. Intellectual curiosity – Anyone can follow directions, but only those who are truly curious will find a better way to do almost anything. Appreciation […]

The 1% vs. the 99%

The math is simple. There is always going to be 1% on top and 99% on the bottom. The goal shouldn’t be to vilify the 1%, it should be to inspire the 99% so they aspire to be the 50% at the top. Simple math.

Less Tired Customer Service

My 2008 Prius needed new tires. At least that’s what somebody with a little knowledge and a penny told me. SoCal weather doesn’t really give you too many clues into slips, skids or tire wear and tear, it kind of keeps throwing sunshine and dry roads at you in the hope you buckle and eventually […]

Happy Nude Year! (Because 2011 is *so* last year)

Please don’t rip your clothes off… but please do consider the irony of a new years resolutions and the celebrations thereof. Most companies (who follow calendar financial years) start afresh on January 1st, rather like a baby (with a bit of baggage in the nappy). While those companies focus on the *next* 12 months, may […]


Panda vs. Chicken Little SEO Scaredy-cats

I took some time out to comment on Google’s Panda update at The Search AGent’s blog, in the hope of dispelling some of the “Chicken Little” sentiment around the web. The takeaways: Rule #1: Create unique, valuable content. Period. Rule #2: In case you haven’t in the past… Follow rule #1. Simple and hopefully calming […]