Great Marketing Books You Shouldn’t Be Without

A link to Amazon list o’ great marketing books probably my top 10, updated annually. Enjoy!  

Never be out of stock, and other retail nightmares.

Over at The Search Agents’ blog, I discuss the setting of expectations (or lack of) and the steps online retailers should take to mitigate. Although I don’t promise a new Mercedes, I wouldn’t mind one of my readers sending one over… so if you’d like… read about eTailing mistakes.

I Risk My Knighthood on a Whim – Dissing the Royal Wedding Prep

I can’t imagine the Royal Wedding didn’t have it’s naysayers, and although I was happy with the blessed event, I was a little miffed that “nothing is left to chance” was the quote of the day on ABC 7 News. As Search Agents, “nothing is left to chance (or the search engines)” is a mantra […]

Panda vs. Chicken Little SEO Scaredy-cats

I took some time out to comment on Google’s Panda update at The Search AGent’s blog, in the hope of dispelling some of the “Chicken Little” sentiment around the web. The takeaways: Rule #1: Create unique, valuable content. Period. Rule #2: In case you haven’t in the past… Follow rule #1. Simple and hopefully calming […]

Microsoft’s Soft Strategy and Lack of Solid Focus

Over at The Search Agents‘ blog, I comment (rather sarcastically I might add) on Bing’s foray into various verticals in an attempt (and a bad one at that) of differentiating itself from Google’s simplicity (which it does very well by confusing the hell out of the user) Check it out and please add your comments […]

Is Bing singing in the rain? Friends’ Chandler? Or badda boom, badda bust?

I couldn’t predict a company named Amazon would become the world’s biggest bookstore either. Or that a tweet would be anything more than the sound a bird makes. And though my skills as a modern day Nostradamus may be somewhat limited, there is one thing I know;
Bing is a silly name for a product.

Quickie Tip #14 – You can’t always get what you want

Hopefully Mick Jagger and what’s left of The ‘Stones will forgive my hijacking of their song to illustrate a point. Consumers often have expectations that are more than unreasonable. Companies, retailers and manufacturers often expect a product to succeed beyond it’s marketplace opportunity. The surest way of always getting what you want, is to set […]

How safe is safe? Online banking demands confidence

I’m a Wells Fargo customer (as well as having other bank accounts) and I like their online banking because it’s obvious they put a lot of thought into the customer experience.

How much does a hot chocolate at Christmas cost?

Online it doesn’t take much to meet or exceed expectations either. Offering something as a surprise or something unexpected (free upgrade on shipping? smoother checkout?) can often tip the balance, changing an online visit into an online experience.

ROI on the web isn’t about financial investment

ROI (Return On Investment) is a great metric – and buzzword – for bean counters. For project managers and marketers like myself, a much better, and more fitting interpretation would be Return On Implementation.