Microsoft’s Soft Strategy and Lack of Solid Focus

Over at The Search Agents‘ blog, I comment (rather sarcastically I might add) on Bing’s foray into various verticals in an attempt (and a bad one at that) of differentiating itself from Google’s simplicity (which it does very well by confusing the hell out of the user) Check it out and please add your comments […]

Experience trumps design – why websites are more than eye candy.

Creating cool designs that provide ‘neat’ eye candy and little substance appear to be the norm for many creative agencies. Flash design is somewhat passé and almost certainly viewed as an obstruction by many users seeking their holy grail; information. Usability has been a buzzword mostly centered on design elements, their colors, placement, size, shape […]

(Analytical) garbage in, (Digital) garbage out

From my agency days springs the expression “Garbage in, garbage out” used in video and audio production meaning essentially, the best (audio / video product) quality comes from the best quality source material. Sure, you could hide the occasional aircraft noise in a perfect 20 minute interview, but you couldn’t get pristine out of an interview at […]

I never knew SEO was so easy!

I saw this article on a well-trafficked blog in regards to achieving high Google rankings. —————- It’s a simple two-step process Getting high rankings on Google is a simple two-step process: You must optimize your web page contents so that Google can find out what your website is about. Optimize your web pages for your […]

Quickie Tip #7 – Choose your (SEO) words carefully

Checking my referrer logs I found a Google referral from a somewhat strange (to me) search term. “paint a vivid word picture disney ads” The power of Google is that you can be found even if there’s no apparent relevance, at least initially – the listing has since dropped from Google’s #1 SERP (Search Engine […]

Building the Perfect Community

I’d like to apologize in advance for the deception in the title. Even though Plymouth, MN comes close (it just won best place to live in America)  there is no ‘perfect’ community either on or offline. But there are certain similarities in *almost* perfect communities that contribute to their success that we can look at as components to include […]