Quickie Tip #11 – When too much is not enough

Whether it’s a blog, social media site, Twitter, school or volunteering at the local non profit, participation can, and should, be considered as the best “return on effort” for any company or individual.

Experience trumps design – why websites are more than eye candy.

Creating cool designs that provide ‘neat’ eye candy and little substance appear to be the norm for many creative agencies. Flash design is somewhat passé and almost certainly viewed as an obstruction by many users seeking their holy grail; information. Usability has been a buzzword mostly centered on design elements, their colors, placement, size, shape […]

Content is (still) king

Quickly… what’s the most important component of Search Engine Optimization. <Jeopardy music and annoying ticking sound> psst. look in the post title while Alex Trebek isn’t looking! Answer… content! I just wrote a 9 page detailed site analysis report only to throw it away and draw up a one page recommendation. In fact it only […]