How safe is safe? Online banking demands confidence

I’m a Wells Fargo customer (as well as having other bank accounts) and I like their online banking because it’s obvious they put a lot of thought into the customer experience.

My bowl is half empty – the CPK soup experience

Online, it’s not always easy to fix a problem as it happens. Most interactions are live but without life (human interaction). The next best thing is to offer a toll-free support number, and actually have someone there to answer the calls when they come in. After that, as far as email support, set an expectation and exceed it. i.e. post you respond within 2 business hours and get back to them in 1 OR call them back.

The Best Analytics Program in the World

The Best Analytics Program in the World is <drum roll> Your ears. Talk to your customers, elicit input, provide mechanism for feedback, test vigorously, beta updates to internal and external audiences, listen. Analytics isn’t just about seeing who visits your site, it’s about ensuring the experience when someone arrives exceeds their expectations. By consistently polling […]

One-ply Customer Service

I am the most important person in the world! At least I should be to any business where I spend a buck. I am a customer and I should be treated as if their business depends upon my satisfaction because ultimately, it does! So here I am in a particular <coffee franchise> today and nature […]