Rainy days and sundaes always bring me down

Excuse the play on title words, that have a very (very) loose tie in to ice cream in any shape or form. Though Ben & Jerry’s features on the periphery of this blog post, I am discussing rainy day wins and fails, specific to my day at Universal Studios Hollywood. To quote another song badly, […]

Senior Moments in Social Media

Explaining social networks to seniors should never been taken lightly. Managed to have a senior moment myself, when referencing Facebook to one of the seniors in my life. Read about the epiphany on Social Media mainstreaming over at The Search Agents

Yahoo lives (at least a few more days)

Yahoo updated it’s algorithm, as noted in their recent announcement. I caught the news and immediately did what any search geek would do… authored a post over at my company blog, The Search Agents. Read why I think Yahoo is a missed opportunity for many, and will continue to play an important role in search […]

Google’s image search looking good!

Google’s image search has always been a good place to scavenge for images, graphics and the occasional old girl friend… however it now appears to be the newest revenue channel for the search giant! Notice and posted on the appearance of sponsored images in search.. nice idea, nice execution.

Four score and seven years ago, I committed to blogging more and…

How quickly time flies and blogging become an afterthought. Wow. This weekend I was reviewing a work sheet I’ve been noodling over for a client, specific to SEO / online PR scheduling and the importance of consistent communication, updates and site ‘tweaks,’ when I realized it had been 5 months since my last post… “Hi, […]

Twitter trends – High street focus on microblogging

Geo-targeting tweets inspired me to pen a post over at The Search Agents.. check out my thoughts on what this means for local businesses and local search.

SEO Hacking – Google’s Matt Cutts Stresses Importance of ?

Blog post over at The Search Agents where I call out Google’s Matt Cutts on the search landscape 2010. Although Matt didn’t seem to read the post (or if he did he didn’t respond), a lot of what I anticipated has in fact come true, a lot of what he predicted… <crickets> Matt? Hey Google! […]

A Bit of William Shakespeare in Search

To read or not to read, that is the question. A recent blog at The Search Agents has me quoting (or misquoting) old Will to illustrate the point that brands are winning the search game due to Google relevancy assignment and the average Internet users’ simplistic behavior. Read less about William S. and more on […]

Always turn to Winston Churchill when you’re lost for words!

I know I do… in fact, I push for every client presentation to have a relevant quote from folks smarter than myself 🙂 “If you travel the earth, you will find it is largely divided into two classes of people-people who say “I wonder why such and such is not done” and people who say […]

How strong is your SEO? Tips to measure success.

Over at The Search Agents blog, and following the thread at iMedia Connection, there’s an article I published as a 101 of SEO success measurement. Doesn’t go into extreme detail, but does give some insight into metrics I look at when ‘telling a story’ to clients. Get some SEO bench pressing in your schedule!