Quickie Tip #2 – Change is not a necessary evil

Client of ours wanted to change his website because “It’s been a while”

Funny thing is, the website has great search engine placement, effectively drives customers and has delivered (and continues to deliver) a great return on investment.

Websites need updated content, but they *do not* need an updated look and feel every year – unless the marketplace demands it.

Refreshing content is a must. Refreshing layout can sometime be confusing for existing clients and a waste of money, unless change is specifically made to deliver better results (call, clicks, sales).

The dynamic nature of websites means it’s pretty easy to change (more-so than print material), but that shouldn’t be taken as a challenge to change for change’s sake. Keep what’s effective, concentrate on content updates with timely and valuable information.

Change isn’t evil, it’s just that wholesale change is not the necessity you may think.

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