Is Bing singing in the rain? Friends’ Chandler? Or badda boom, badda bust?

I couldn’t predict a company named Amazon would become the world’s biggest bookstore either. Or that a tweet would be anything more than the sound a bird makes. And though my skills as a modern day Nostradamus may be somewhat limited, there is one thing I know;
Bing is a silly name for a product.

Everyone has the right to be famous – not certain if it should be this easy!

A drive down Ventura Blvd, a store sign, happy memories, beautiful people and a blog post is born!! My thoughts on Andy Warhol’s “5 mins of Fame” pontification, and what it means in this connected-via-the-Internet / SEO kind of world.

Under the influence – my take on influencers @ The Search Agents blog

There was a movement in the Force when Matt Cutts, SEO influencer and Googler said something perhaps he shouldn’t have. My take on what that means to us average Joes – over at The Search Agents blog