Your competition isn’t lazy, complacent, dumb or indifferent.

With Thanksgiving over it’s time to kick myself back into gear. I’ve been lazy over the past few days and sleeping in this morning put me behind the 8-ball on a couple of projects. I’m certain many of you are experiencing the same “it’s Monday tomorrow already” syndrome, and trying to get yourselves into a […]

Quickie tip #10 – Keeping it familiar keeps it ‘real’

Don’t make your visitors think to much to get the information, product or service they’re looking for.

Boiling down to the barista – Starbucks, Peets, Coffee Bean

Coffee shop brands are arguably more susceptible to passionate followers than most other high street brands. As a regular Coffee Bean (CB) customer I will pass a few Starbucks (SB) on my search for a CB store and – horror of horrors – settle on SB if a convenient CB store cannot be found on […]

GM, Ford & Chrysler, oh my. Why quality can replace a Fed bailout.

CSpan coverage of the auto makers on Capitol Hill, notes quality will mean less cars are sold as they last longer. Is this a bad thing, and how does that tie into your website development cycle?

Experience trumps design – why websites are more than eye candy.

Creating cool designs that provide ‘neat’ eye candy and little substance appear to be the norm for many creative agencies. Flash design is somewhat passé and almost certainly viewed as an obstruction by many users seeking their holy grail; information. Usability has been a buzzword mostly centered on design elements, their colors, placement, size, shape […]

Cheap gas, priceless traffic – Why is cheap gas so bad for the Internet?

“Why are there the same gas station brands on two opposite corners of the street?”

There’s no apparent ‘closeness’ of websites in cyberspace. Sites, offering similar content, similar tools, or similar products may be located on servers on the other side of the world.

You say tom-ate-toe, and I say tom-art-toe

Understanding your audience means making yourself understood in language at their level of comprehension or allowing users to self-select pathways they understand. Although you may not have to worry too much about the tom – art – toe English crowd needing assistance or translation, you should worry about the non-geek audience who may not understand […]

The Death of Search Engines

Search engines are no more!

As the algorithms and personalization through technology improves, “search engines” is no longer a term one can use to adequately explain what feeds our quest for information and content.

(Analytical) garbage in, (Digital) garbage out

From my agency days springs the expression “Garbage in, garbage out” used in video and audio production meaning essentially, the best (audio / video product) quality comes from the best quality source material. Sure, you could hide the occasional aircraft noise in a perfect 20 minute interview, but you couldn’t get pristine out of an interview at […]

Lesson learned – Obama wins with perfect (marketing) precision

I wanted to comment on history and give my thoughts to Obama’s online dominance as being a major factor in his victory. Full disclosure, I didn’t vote… I couldn’t vote. Currently stepping through the citizenship process, with the hope of voting in 2012. This is the best country in the world to live in. I […]