Quickie tip #9 – Everything I learned about business I learned from Dilbert book titles

Always Postpone Meetings With Time Wasting Morons This Is the Part Where You Pretend to Add Value Try Rebooting Yourself Words You Don’t Want to Hear During Your Annual Review Don’t Step In The Leadership What Would Wally Do? I’m Not Anti-Business, I’m Anti-Idiot Thriving on Vague Objectives When Body Language Goes Bad Random Acts […]

I never knew SEO was so easy!

I saw this article on a well-trafficked blog in regards to achieving high Google rankings. —————- It’s a simple two-step process Getting high rankings on Google is a simple two-step process: You must optimize your web page contents so that Google can find out what your website is about. Optimize your web pages for your […]

Fanatical, evangelists champion their own agendas

I’m sitting in Borders trying not to discuss politics with a loud guy next to me. I wish people would realize that evangelizing to me won’t affect my political leaning, in fact it infuriates me when I give my opinion and it’s completely ignored, mainly because they are opinionated to the point of exclusion of […]

Niches of Niches (micro marketing)

What make a hobby into a business? Is it the size of the market, the penetration of the market segment, or both? I’m a big believer in the long tail of marketing, selling less to more – you can read more about it hereĀ or stick around for *my* thoughts šŸ™‚ Although economies of scale help […]

3rd Grade Marketing for the 2020 Election

Lost my attempt to stay away from politics, as we approach the US elections, when I picked my son up from school this week. I’m a big L Libertarian who believes the best government is a small government, so I follow elections with the hope that one or another of the candidates will actually deliver […]

How banks react online to offline faux pas (oopsie)

Banks are *supposed* to be safe. They even have a safe in them. They look after my money, so they better often superior service to my ceramic piggy bank andĀ mattressĀ ‘hiding spot’ And when they don’t. Oops! All of a sudden, banks are scrambling, dealing with tarnished reputations and in some cases going out of business. […]

Are your customers passionate to promote?

In case any of you live in the middle of nowhere, with no television, radio, newspapers or, come to think of it, any people, there’s the run up to an election going on. Republican, Democrat, Green orĀ Independent, supporters of political parties are easy to spot. The passion of politics drives bumper stickers, buttons, hats, stuffed […]

Quickie Tip #8 – Google is a big slice of apple pie

Before you spend too much time, effort, energy and money (after all time *is* money) on optimizing and search engine marketing for *every* search engine out there, ask yourself a few questions. 1) Do I have the time, effort, energy and money to submit to *all* the major search engines (Ask.com,, MSN, Yahoo)? 2) Should […]

Are your customers cheering? Dissecting the Club Med ‘clap-o-meter’

Okay, I admit it. I’m an XGO! What? An ex Club Med “Gentil Organisateur” – a hospitable organizer of Club Med vacation memories. In my almost 5 years with “The Club” I (and others) developedĀ personalĀ brands withĀ variousĀ degrees of success. There were corporate metrics to measure how effective these branding initiatives were, which were part science, part […]

The Virtual Sky isn’t Falling (yet)

Catching up on many blogs, comments and news from this week. Crazy days. Doom and gloom hitting global markets. Local vendors going out of business. Dow Jones down. Yep, financial armageddon appears to have begun. Looking at some onlineĀ statistics, one thing *hasn’t* appeared to have changed over the past week from financial hell. Site visits […]