Panda vs. Chicken Little SEO Scaredy-cats

I took some time out to comment on Google’s Panda update at The Search AGent’s blog, in the hope of dispelling some of the “Chicken Little” sentiment around the web. The takeaways: Rule #1: Create unique, valuable content. Period. Rule #2: In case you haven’t in the past… Follow rule #1. Simple and hopefully calming […]

Microsoft’s Soft Strategy and Lack of Solid Focus

Over at The Search Agents‘ blog, I comment (rather sarcastically I might add) on Bing’s foray into various verticals in an attempt (and a bad one at that) of differentiating itself from Google’s simplicity (which it does very well by confusing the hell out of the user) Check it out and please add your comments […]

Quickie Tip #14 – You can’t always get what you want

Hopefully Mick Jagger and what’s left of The ‘Stones will forgive my hijacking of their song to illustrate a point. Consumers often have expectations that are more than unreasonable. Companies, retailers and manufacturers often expect a product to succeed beyond it’s marketplace opportunity. The surest way of always getting what you want, is to set […]

ROI on the web isn’t about financial investment

ROI (Return On Investment) is a great metric – and buzzword – for bean counters. For project managers and marketers like myself, a much better, and more fitting interpretation would be Return On Implementation.

Making the most of a captive audience – lessons of LA traffic

You would have thought the commute through Los Angeles traffic is enough to bring most drivers to their knees, but observation would show you a plethora of commuters humming, singing, attentively listening and *enjoying* LA radio stations*. This is the definition of ‘captive audience’ – a metal shell one must endure for 30-90 minutes every […]

Your competition isn’t lazy, complacent, dumb or indifferent.

With Thanksgiving over it’s time to kick myself back into gear. I’ve been lazy over the past few days and sleeping in this morning put me behind the 8-ball on a couple of projects. I’m certain many of you are experiencing the same “it’s Monday tomorrow already” syndrome, and trying to get yourselves into a […]

(Analytical) garbage in, (Digital) garbage out

From my agency days springs the expression “Garbage in, garbage out” used in video and audio production meaning essentially, the best (audio / video product) quality comes from the best quality source material. Sure, you could hide the occasional aircraft noise in a perfect 20 minute interview, but you couldn’t get pristine out of an interview at […]

The Best Analytics Program in the World

The Best Analytics Program in the World is <drum roll> Your ears. Talk to your customers, elicit input, provide mechanism for feedback, test vigorously, beta updates to internal and external audiences, listen. Analytics isn’t just about seeing who visits your site, it’s about ensuring the experience when someone arrives exceeds their expectations. By consistently polling […]

Oreo Rewards – Customer Service Winner

My son and I were at the local Port O’ Subs today. He ordered a medium size sandwich, which weighs in about the same as his 8 year old frame, much to the astonishment of the lady in line behind him, and the ‘sandwich-barista’ behind the counter. The counter clerk went as far as to […]

I never knew SEO was so easy!

I saw this article on a well-trafficked blog in regards to achieving high Google rankings. —————- It’s a simple two-step process Getting high rankings on Google is a simple two-step process: You must optimize your web page contents so that Google can find out what your website is about. Optimize your web pages for your […]