When pigs fly. How social web spreads swine flu faster than a plane from Mexico

Panic ensues. Whereas before I could pick my handful of newspapers, blogs or news sites to get the reporting I appreciate, now I need to filter reams of social opinion to garner a modicum of truth (amongst the panic).

What happened to courtesy from California drivers? Politeness takes a holiday on the 405.

Today the dark side of human nature reared it’s head and gave me the virtual finger three times. Driving on the 405 freeway this morning in unusually dense traffic for 6.50am, three drivers chose to demonstrate ‘driver entitlement’. It appears they believed they owned the road, all four lanes of it. My only error, perhaps, […]

Blog post over at The Search Agents — Staying sane

How to keep your busness mind on track to deliver (actual) results = sanity! The Search Agents SEO blog

Quickie Tip #14 – You can’t always get what you want

Hopefully Mick Jagger and what’s left of The ‘Stones will forgive my hijacking of their song to illustrate a point. Consumers often have expectations that are more than unreasonable. Companies, retailers and manufacturers often expect a product to succeed beyond it’s marketplace opportunity. The surest way of always getting what you want, is to set […]