What happened to courtesy from California drivers? Politeness takes a holiday on the 405.

Today the dark side of human nature reared it’s head and gave me the virtual finger three times.

Driving on the 405 freeway this morning in unusually dense traffic for 6.50am, three drivers chose to demonstrate ‘driver entitlement’.

It appears they believed they owned the road, all four lanes of it.

My only error, perhaps, was assuming people are inherently good when they’re driving a few tons of metal at 30 mph.

Point of the rant?

Consumers often have the same entitlement mentality in dealing with websites they visit.

They believe that every button, every graphic, every action should be exclusively for them.

And why not?

Online we have the ability to deliver a customized experience, unique to the user, specifically to address their needs.

Not every visitor to your website is entitled to four lanes of the information ‘super highway’ to themselves, but they are entitled to receive a simple and effective method to accomplish what you’d like them to do.

Don’t entertain, facilitate.

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