What’s a million dollar idea worth?

“If I had a million dollars for every time…” – sound familiar?

I’ve had the privilege to work with very smart people, in clients, colleagues and folks that snuck in the back whilst I wasn’t looking. Often in brainstorming sessions or over a cuppa, someone says something that leaves mouths agape and eyes wide open. You can almost hear the cogs of brains turning.

It’s the “million dollar idea!”

As this has happened to me, occasionally when I’ve been consulting with multi-million dollar clients, I woke last night wondering what the true value of these flash of genius might be.

Early this morning I wrote on the note pad I keep beside the bed (a pad of million dollar ideas folks!);

“A million dollar idea is worthless or priceless”

Before my avid readers tune out with confusion, let me explain.

Million dollar ideas have zero value if not acted upon, but purely by bringing them to light there is inherent value (I hope so, because clients keep paying me to come up with them!)

By the same token, a million dollar idea could be worth multiple millions if realized, nurtured, guided and given the resources, opportunity and sometimes necessary luck to grow.

For all those folks out there with an ‘ah ha’ moment, write it down, look at it two days later, and see if you can pull together the 3Ts: time, tools and talent to make it happen.

As for my next million dollar idea? Screen hoods for Toyota Prius navigation / info panel.

Anyone with the 3T’s, I only want 5% of net sales, now that *would be* a million dollar idea I can take to the bank


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