One Rock in Big Business

Last year I went to pitch to a company valued in the hundreds of millions of dollar. We were pitching a relatively trivial project and yet I was almost stunned by the size of the rock it appeared needed to be moved to make the decision to move forward on the approval and contracting of […]

Quickie Tip #1 – SEO is an art, not a science.

Never listen to Search Engine Optimization companies who promise “Top 10 position on the top search engines” Client of mine spent > 50k and after 6 months and empty promises does still not have *any* positioning to speak of. 50k would buy an awful lot of pay per click advertising. My “Quickie Tip” – don’t […]

Perception – unreal or realized?

There is no way that I can’t mention perception in any online marketing blog. (There’s a double negative there, for those English majors out there). Bottom line is perception drives consumers. Marketing influences perception. Word of mouth influences perception. Advertising influences perception. Perception, above anything else, drives people to buy one product or service over […]

One-size fits all marketing, good for McDonalds, good for me?

An owner of well-known franchise approached me late last week, and is seeking some assistance in creating a local and loyal customer-base. Woo hoo! Another client, you say? Sure, if I want to bang my head against the wall. Working with most franchise operations is a no win proposition for a marketing guy like myself. […]

Why rock? And why one at a time?

For over 25 years I’ve been involved in project management. I’ve been a bar tender, sailing instructor, camp counselor, advertising sales person, event planner, hitch hiker, store manager, and now online (and offline) marketing / eCommerce consultant. What? I hear some lout at the back asking, “what the heck has any of that got to […]