The (SEO) World is not Flat

My world is not flat, your world is not flat, and I’m certain based on the speeches I’ve heard over the past two weeks neither Obama or McCain is part of the flat earth society.

So why do clients want to focus on one aspect of online marketing – SEO – when there are so many other effective methods and madness to promoting an online presence for success?

A quick wake up to these folks… when promoting an offline business do you try one thing e.g. a postcard campaign, then sit back and wait for the clients to come rolling in? Maybe some folks do, but a multipronged attack is always better because:

a) I like saying “multipronged” 😉

b) you may not reach all of your desired demographics with one medium or concept

c) prospects are fickle and you need to touch them in different ways (nicely)

d) my mum told me not to put all my eggs in one basket (and your mum probably told you the same thing!)

There are many ways to drive traffic (qualified, focused traffic) to a website, relying just on one method doesn’t leave much room for error, and certainly doesn’t guarantee a higher possiblility for success.

Listen to your mum, won’t you?

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