I Risk My Knighthood on a Whim – Dissing the Royal Wedding Prep

I can’t imagine the Royal Wedding didn’t have it’s naysayers, and although I was happy with the blessed event, I was a little miffed that “nothing is left to chance” was the quote of the day on ABC 7 News.

As Search Agents, “nothing is left to chance (or the search engines)” is a mantra you’ll hear a few times a day at The Search Agency.

Anticipating the unknown not only offers opportunity, it saves royalty (or the client) from ever having to worry about the “what if”

My article covering the Royal Wedding possible gaffs and Search Marketing superiority gained little interaction but maybe pissed off a few Royals.

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  1. Sergio
    Sergio says:

    I was 14 when Charles and Diana were married and I got up early to watch it I don’t rmemeber if I stayed home from school or not. Back then we didn’t have a vcr or a pvr so I wanted to watch it live. This time around, I have to work but I have a pvr so I am recording the live coverage to watch later because I think that the replays will be cut and edited. As for keeping them home from school nope not in this day and age!


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